Upgrade your kitchen and bathroom with tile resurfacing

August 16, 2022

Unless your home was custom built, chances are there are things you wish were a bit different. Many people will accept an outdated or less-than-stylish kitchen or bathroom for the right location or floor plan. But once you move in, it can be hard to live with the reality of vintage or damaged tiling. Or, if you’re getting ready to sell, an expensive renovation can feel inevitable. But you can upgrade your kitchen and bathroom affordably with tile resurfacing.

What is tile resurfacing?

Tile resurfacing leaves the existing tiles in place and adds a thin, durable layer of acrylic over them. It doesn’t involve the demolition and mess of retiling and prevents building materials from ending in the landfill.

One of the most appealing features of tile resurfacing for homeowners is how fast it is to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen just by giving your tile countertops, backsplashes, and showers a new appearance.

A team of professionals can resurface a room in as little as two days, and you can start lightly using the surfaces on the third. Tile resurfacing is a way to upgrade unstylish, damaged, or dingy finishes quickly.

Is tile resurfacing cheaper than standard tile installation?

Homeowners choose tile resurfacing not just because it’s faster than a complete renovation but because it’s much more affordable. When you hire a contractor to retile a countertop, shower, or bathroom floor, you’re paying to remove the old tile, buy new tiles and install them.

Depending on the job size, you can easily spend thousands on the entire project. It’s just not feasible, especially if you’ve just purchased the property or are getting ready to sell.

Tile resurfacing costs a fraction of the price of traditional tiling. Homeowners save money every step of the way because there’s no demolition and tile removal, no new tiles to buy, and no installation. The only costs are the affordable acrylic resin and the quick application.

What finishes can you achieve with tile resurfacing?

When upgrading your home, you don’t want to be limited in the final product. One of the coolest features of tile resurfacing is the wide range of finishes you can achieve with just acrylic. Even if granite countertops are out of your budget at the moment, you can get the same luxurious look by using tile reglazing.

You can transform your tiling into the room’s focal point with imitation granite, Silestone, or Swanstone. Or, you can make it blend seamlessly with the rest of your home with solid colors that have a pristine, durable surface.

Can you DIY your tile resurfacing project?

If you’re handy with renovation projects and like working on your own home, you may have noticed box stores offer DIY kits for epoxy resurfacing. It’s tempting to think that - with just a free afternoon - you can transform your kitchen or bathroom without hiring professionals.

A few things to consider before you do it yourself:

  • The box kits aren’t that much more affordable than the pros. Epoxy runs about $400 per kit, and most projects require two for coverage.
  • Professionals use a durably acrylic for resurfacing, which they can apply to even vertical surfaces flawlessly. It’s hard to do the same with DIY epoxy.
  • Even with a perfect application, epoxy is notorious for peeling and flaking off surfaces.
  • Contrariwise, the acrylic we use on homes has a lifetime adhesion warranty.
  • There are limited color and finish options with DIY kits, many looking more like a garage floor than granite or quartz. Only our acrylic surfacing can recreate the appearance of natural stone.

Like many home renovation projects, DIY only seems cheaper at first glance. Professional tile resurfacing is more affordable, fast, and delivers stunning results.

How long does resurfacing last?

Because your kitchen and bathroom are some of the most high-traffic areas in your home, reglazing the tiling isn’t practical if it won’t last. When you get work done by an expert team, like the New Finish Tub and Counter technicians, you can count on tile resurfacing to stand the test of time.

We guarantee our work with a five-year warranty on owner-occupied properties and two years for rental properties.

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We pride ourselves on helping our customers upgrade their homes while sticking to a budget. If your home is outdated, needs repairs, or you want to update the style, tile resurfacing is fast, affordable, and durable. Everyone on our team is an experienced professional, so our customers get high-quality results for their countertops and tile surfaces from technicians they can trust. Have questions about the process, the results, or if refinishing is right for your project? We come to you with advice, guidance, and samples so you can see how the finished product will look with your lighting.

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