4 Common Bathtub Repairs in Dallas, TX

February 1st, 2023 Uncategorized
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Whether you live in a historic home or a brand-new one, bathtub repairs are inevitable. Thankfully, most bathtub repair issues can be quickly and effectively fixed by professionals. In this article, we’ll discuss common bathtub repairs in Dallas, TX, to help you keep your tub in excellent condition.

Common Bathtub Repairs in Dallas, TX

1.Chip, Scratches, and Cracks

Chips and cracks are common issues caused by regular wear and tear or accidents in the bathroom. The severity of the damage determines the repair approach. Significant chips, scratches, or cracks require professional assistance, especially for fiberglass or acrylic tubs. Minor chips and scratches can be DIY repaired using an epoxy repair kit or specific paint, but attention to detail and patience are required. Hiring professionals for quick and efficient solutions may be worth considering.

2.Mildew & Mold

Those areas without proper ventilation, such as bathrooms, are prone to mildew and mold growth. You should take immediate action if you notice mildew and mold in your bathroom. Clean the affected area using a bleach and water solution and scrub it thoroughly. Once cleaned and dried, apply a sealant to prevent future mildew formation.

3.Stains & Discoloration

Stains and discoloration are common and unsightly issues in bathtubs. Soap scum builds up over time and spills of paint, adhesives, or chemical solutions can stain. To remove soap scum, try baking soda and vinegar. Commercial cleaners designed for baths or showers can also be effective. If DIY methods don’t work, it’s wise to seek professional assistance to safely and effectively tackle deep-seated stains without damaging the tub’s finish.


Rust is a common problem with older steel or iron bathtubs. Regular exposure to moisture in the bathroom leads to corrosion. Rust remover products can be effective, but follow instructions carefully. For antique tubs or extensive rust issues, consult professionals with experience dealing with older bathtub materials. This will protect the tub and ensure long-term rust prevention.

Choose the Best Bathtub Repair in Dallas, TX

Bathtubs require occasional maintenance and repairs. When it’s time to address your tub issues, having a reliable bathtub repair service in Dallas can save you hassle and money. From stains and cracks to rust and mildew, these common bathtub repairs are best handled by professionals. Contact New Finish Tubs and Counters for bathtub repair in Dallas, TX. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can repair and protect your tub for years to come.

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