5 Tips on How to Finish a Bathtub Successfully

February 28th, 2023 Uncategorized
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Over time, your bathtub loses its shine. Constant use can cause fading, leading you to get a new one. However, refinishing is an excellent alternative that makes your bathtub look new without replacement. In this DIY-focused world, many homeowners prefer to tackle house projects themselves. That’s why we’ve gathered five tips on how to successfully refinish a bathtub.

1. Determine if refinishing is worth it.

Before starting the project, consider whether refinishing is the most effective option. Assess the bathtub’s condition and significance. If it has historical value or you simply love it, refinishing is an excellent choice. However, if it’s extensively damaged or you’re planning a complete bathroom renovation, replacement may be more practical.

2. Gather the necessary tools.

Having the right tools is crucial for bathtub refinishing success. While you may have some tools at home, others will need to be purchased.

Here’s a list of essential tools for the job:

  • Tub repair putty
  • Shower caulk
  • Bathtub refinishing kit
  • #400 to #600 wet/dry sandpaper
  • Caulk gun
  • Respirator
  • Utility knife

Once you have all the tools, you’re ready to begin.

3. Prepare your workspace.

Ensure your bathroom is ready for refinishing. Clear out any unnecessary items, such as the shower curtain, trashcan, and toilet paper holder, to avoid obstacles during the project. Cover the surrounding surfaces to protect them from accidental spills. Additionally, turn on the fan, and open the door and window to provide proper ventilation. Remember, refinishing glaze contains toxic materials, so take precautions.

4. Thoroughly clean the tub.

Cleaning the tub is a crucial step in refinishing. Remove all caulking using a blade and chemical remover if necessary. Use an abrasive cleaner and a plastic putty knife to scrub the entire tub and remove soap scum. Rinse the tub thoroughly with clear water and dry it completely.

5. Allow the glaze to set.

After applying the first glaze layer, it’s imperative to let it dry completely. The drying time depends on factors such as the tub material, glaze amount applied, and humidity levels in the bathroom. To avoid cracks or bubbles, refrain from using the bathtub for 12 to 24 hours after application.

6. Trust our experts for bathtub refinishing.

You can either attempt this house project yourself or rely on our team at New Finish Tub and Counter. Our experienced refinishing experts can handle projects of any size. We typically complete the job within 2 days, so you can enjoy your newly refinished tub in no time. Learn more about our tub refinishing services and contact us to schedule your free estimate.

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